Community Childcare and Early Learning

What is Weoley Hub?




The Community Childcare and Early Learning Hub project is being run by 4Children and you can read about the project here:


Weoley Hub is a partnership of local providers, we aim to help to provide quality childcare based around the needs of the parent/s/carers.  We are developing and promoting the 2 year offer; to make sure eligible children have access to early education and support.  It also provides parent/s/carers with an easy way to discover what childcare there is available to them, and offers out of the box ways to put build the childcare package that they need, and aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the Early Years.


As a Hub we come together to enjoy training sessions and we have an open forum to discuss needs and share best practices and ideas

Currently Weoley Hub consists of :



Weoley Castle Nursery School                 offering places for up to 104 children, along Little Builders Wrap Around - offering breakfast club from 8am and                                                                                an afterschool club until 6pm.



Weoley Castle Preschool                           offering places for up to 220 2-3 year olds




Little Builders Community Hub               offering places for up to 30 children, offering a blended option based on parent needs





Edith Cadbury Nursery                               offering places for 3 - 4 year olds and from September 2015 will be running Breakfast and Afterschool club                                                                                         including a pick up and drop off service from Princethorpe School. They are also opening a 2 year provision from                                                                               September,for eligible 2's



Our Childminder Network                         See each child minder for individual availability 

2 year old funding



Every eligible 2 year old is entitled to 570 hours of free education each year. It is normally taken over 38 weeks and works out as 15 hours per week. Children must attend the setting for a minimum of two days per week to receive their full entitlement. If you required additional hours, the provider can charge for that. 


You can find more on the free education for 2 year old children here



To check to see if you are eligible follow this link