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My name is Lesley Harris and I am the Head Teacher Governor here at Weoley Castle Nursery School

& Children's Centre.  I have been privileged to be in this role since 2004.  As a Governor I am incredibly

proud of the wonderful, vibrant learning community that exists at our school and centre.  The early years

world is a constantly shifting landscape and as a Governing Body we are always ready to respond

to the  challenges as we share our skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure that Weoley continues

to grow and thrive offering a safe and welcoming place for our children, families and staff.  


I have learnt so much as a member of staff at Weoley Castle Nursery School and I see the chance to join the Governing Body as an opportunity to support Weoley moving forward. I feel I could offer the skills that I have had the privilege of gaining whilst working here to further support the outcomes for our children and families.

"I hold the staff, parents and children of Weoley with the highest regard and I am delighted to join the Governing Body as a Staff Governor".  Katherine Taylor, Nursery Teacher & Staff Governor.

“I have had a career in education stretching back to 1975. I retired in 2014 after nearly 40 years,

28 of them as a Headteacher. Being a Governor at Weoley Castle Nursery School has given me the

opportunity to put back some of the knowledge and experience I have gained. More importantly it has

provided me with the opportunity of learning the new skills, procedures and practices of a much different

client group as well as being part of the energy, enthusiasm and ethos of this most outstanding school.

Ken Lewis, Vice Chair of Governors.