Consultation on Federation of 12 Nursery Schools.


Our Nursery School Governing Body is proposing a federation with 11 other nursery schools in the city.


What does this mean?


Our 12 schools have worked together for many years to provide quality education and early childhood services.

Our schools will continue to run locally as they do now, but we aim to have one executive Governing Body with local committees for each school.

Our aim is to work even more closely together to continue to provide excellent nursery education and services.

A consultation Period on these new arrangements will start at 9am on May 4th and continue until 9am on 25th June 2018.

We will be holding a consultation meeting for parents/stakeholders at our  Preschool site on Tuesday May 15th 9-10 am and also Thursday May 17th 2-3pm.

Copies of the consultation document is available from the nursery school office or preschool office or on our website at the federation consultation button.

Going to School - Applying for Reception place

You should receive a pack from Birmingham School Admissions giving you lots of information and the application form; you should've got this in October so if it has not arrived contact admissions. This is the website address and telephone number:

Tel: 0121 303 1888 option 1


Lots of information is on the website, if you wish you can complete your application online. Also on this website you will find the timeline of events for admissions, you are strongly advised to get your application in by this date.


Here are the details of some of the local schools that you may be interested in. By checking their websites you may find out when they are holding any open days/evenings or there is a list of all the schools on the Birmingham website which is a PDF for you to download.


If you need any help with the whole application process please don’t hesitate to ask.



To request more information:


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Head Teacher: Mrs L Harris

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs K Wood

Assistant Head Teacher: Mrs L Collins


You can also request more information with this form: