Advice on Coronavirus

> On Wednesday, the government made the decision to close schools to majority of pupils. They advise that children should remain at home where at all possible. A small number of exceptions will be made for vulnerable children or children of front line workers where no other childcare is available. You have been contacted if this exception applies to your child. Thank you for your support throughout this difficult time and we ask that you keep yourselves safe and healthy.

> As per government recommendations on Monday 23rd March 2020 people are urged to remain in lock down conditions unless required to leave for medical, essential grocery shopping, 1 form of exercise per day (alone or with a household member) & absolutely necessary travel to and from work where working from home is unavailable. Please keep safe and follow the government advice.

> Our Pre-School Site is the only site we now have open. Please call us on 0121 464 8238 if you need to contact us. 

> Our Letter to Parents/Carers (17/03/2020). Click here

> Home Learning Pack for families self-isolating. Click Here


> See the Department for Education twitter feed for day to day updates 


> Click here to see information about the current Coronavirus outbreak and advice on avoiding/noticing any signs and symptoms

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We are closed during the Easter break to give our staff, who have worked tirelessly to support you all, a much needed rest. We will open again Monday 20th April 2020 to support children of keyworkers and vulnerable children only (unless advised differently by the government) As always we echo the advise given by our government; Only use the services of your school if there is no alternative available and you are a key worker or a vulnerable family, if at all possible you should aim to keep all children at home and safe during this crisis. 

Thank You from all the Weoley staff 

> Please Click Here for food banks near you and see the link below for help during the Covid:19 outbreak;

> Click here to see information regarding the Educational Psychologist helpline during the School closures. 

> See the MP for Children and Families letter regarding issues and advice during the Coronavirus. Click Here

> See all our tips for helping your children during the lock down;

Click Here to see the top ten tips to help your children.

Click Here for tips for helping children with Learning difficulties.

Click Here for sensory support 

Click Here for CAT team advice

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Weoley Castle Nursery School Children's Centre
Weoley Castle Nursery School Children's Centre
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Our aim is to build and sustain a learning community for our children and families with Weoley Castle Nursery School at its heart.

A safe, forward thinking, welcoming and nurturing place where emotional well-being         is a high priority,
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We wish for all of us a spirit of optimism, curiosity and wonder, an enquiring mind and respect for themselves, others and their world – building brighter futures for

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